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Standing Seam Panel Clips

  • For use with our line of Clip Loc and Mechanically Seamed panels
SKU Profile Substrate Height Width Base
ACCLWOO Clip Loc Wood 1-7/8″ 2-1/2″
ACCLSTE Clip Loc Steel 1-7/8″ 3-1/2″
ACCL15FX MI-150 1-1/2″ 2″ Fixed
ACCL15FL MI-150 1-1/2″ 5″ Floating
ACCL2FX MI-210 2″ 3″ Fixed
ACCL2FL MI-210 2″ 5″ Floating
ACCL25FX MI-275 2″ 3″ Fixed
ACCL25FL MI-275 2″ 5″ Floating